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We exist to enable businesses to create a positive impact by bringing the best people and technology together, expertly navigating the convergence of workspaces, telecoms, IT and cloud.

Workspace Planning, UCaaS, XaaS, Daas, Unified Collaboration and Communication Solutions, AV, Content, Digitisation, Workflow & Managed Print Services, Cyber Security, Mobile and Hybrid Solutions, Voice, Teams, Zoom, Connectivity, Technology Services and Procurement, IT Support, Cloud Services, Virtual CIO, Technology Planning and Managed Services.

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As a technology-led consultancy, We are our clients Trusted Advisors – we specialise in, and bring together; Workspace Planning, UCaaS, XaaS, Daas, Unified Collaboration and Communication Solutions, AV, Content, Digitisation, Workflow & Managed Print Services, Cyber Security, Mobile and Hybrid Solutions, Voice, Teams, Zoom, Connectivity, Technology Services and Procurement, IT Support, Cloud Services, Virtual CIO, Technology Planning and Managed Services.

With most businesses effectively using Microsoft tools and Office 365, only a few of them have realised its full benefits. We offer a free assessment to identify gaps and improvements within your technology setup.

What is a Trusted Advisor ?

A Trusted Advisor is an extension of your team, helping you navigate the confusion in the market caused by the accelerating pace of changing technologies. 

We are a change agent that understands the technology trends and can help you make sense of what it all means to your business. As a Trusted Advisors we will help you harness technology to give your company a competitive advantage. We know the strengths of key service providers and can agnostically help you choose the right one for you. We can work side by side with your team to design, procure, implement, and support even the most complex technology solutions. 

Today’s most innovative, technology-enabled workspaces are delivering instant communication, enhanced connectivity, interactive digital experiences and even health-conscious design elements that promote employee well-being and productivity. 

A key driver of innovation is collaboration, which is vastly improved by the technology available in the updated workspace.

The best spaces have the power to open our minds, connect us with others, and encourage active collaboration as they supply us with the digital tools to excel. 

We approach every project with fresh eyes so that it fits your business perfectly. We also recognise that nothing stays the same. That’s why all our solutions are flexible so they can adapt seamlessly as your business develops. We provide a solution that fits your business at the start, and we ensure it’s a good fit for the future

We understand the modern technological landscape. We take away all the time required of researching new technologies. The result? The freedom to focus your resources on your core activities, increase your efficiency and boost your productivity. By getting to the heart of your business and increasing our knowledge of how you work we can provide a blueprint for your technology needs.

How We Work

Knowledge is power, for the most powerful positive impact on your organisation it’s important to glean the necessary knowledge – by conducting a detailed discovery phase.

We Identify the main areas of focus, understand your short, medium and long-term goals and design solutions that achieve the project objectives. 

Implementation that provides a roadmap for digital transformation that will ensure your business can become more connected, agile, resilient and sustainable, in a volatile economic climate. By creating technology ecosystems which smooth the way for digital and physical workspaces to support the hybrid working model, we focus on ensuring better efficiency and productivity, better budgetary value, better agility and resilience, and a better experience for all stakeholders, to unlock business potential.

Operational excellence is at the centre of everything we do. We have developed an eco-system of industry specialists who champion technology and the potential it unlocks. With our inspirational and innovative partners, we strive to set the bar for performance, quality, security, and reliability beyond what our clients expect.

Nothing stays the same – we continually monitor and adapt to enhance solutions and technology that continues to provide commercial value, technical expertise and improved client experiences.

We continue to uphold the passion, teamwork, and technical specialisation which sets us apart in our industry, to form long-term strategic partnerships with our clients. We offer companies senior level expertise to reduce costs, increase profitability, and gain a competitive advantage.


Many companies are reconsidering their corporate real estate footprint, whether that involves downsizing or redistributing space to satellite offices. A completely remote workforce seems unlikely, given the intangible benefits of social connection, collaboration, and innovation that in-person working provides. Nonetheless, it will be crucial to create optimal conditions for employees to work remotely as well as in the office.

Work can take place anywhere, anytime, thanks to the evolution of technology. And as you would expect from any situation that is constantly evolving, the technological landscape is a complicated one. Every business is different, and our goal is to help you navigate the myriad of clever solutions to create your own unique workspace.

Our holistic approach to tech-integrated workspaces enables the improvements in efficiency, productivity and agility required for organisations to thrive in today’s business climate.

Our integrated end-to-end service delivers connected workspaces in which people, devices and data interact seamlessly and securely, to ensure better business outcomes – better agility, better productivity, better profitability.

With a new hybrid working model the office will become a centre for creating culture and a sense of belonging, as well as a space for in-person collaboration and relationship-building meetings. 

The great acceleration in the use of technology, digitization, and new forms of working can be capitalised upon, however many solutions may be clunky and suboptimal, but their adoption has proved to everyone that digital and physical workspaces can be blended effectively. UCS helps you move towards a more considered, organisation-specific, tailored tech-enabled environment, in which the physical and digital workspaces combine seamlessly, for a better experience and better business outcomes.

Hybrid Working

Hybrid and flexible working solutions designed for the new world, we are helping clients maximise their real estate, enable employees easy room and desk booking system whilst providing real time analytics, through our cloud solution hosted on Microsoft Azure which follows strict security and regulation standards as well as full track and trace features.

There’s no cost control without visibility, so getting a handle on how your organisation utilises its bookable resources is essential to optimising the value of your expenditure.

With one integrated platform, users can find suitable bookable Workspaces, Meeting Rooms, Huddle Spaces and even Car Parking Spaces within seconds.

Get ready for the new way of working.

ROOMZ is the most straightforward and easiest-to-deploy solution to support and create the most efficient and hybrid work environments for the future. Right after installation, ROOMZ products will help you to maximize the usage of your flexible workspaces, while increasing work efficiency and collaboration.

hybrid working

Workplace Solutions
Huddle Spaces
Shared Desks
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Workplace Solutions
Huddle Spaces
Shared Desks
Car Park Spaces

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Where the office becomes an experience.

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